La Merenda and Engine Company No.3 success depends on our loyal guests and our family. Our restaurants are committed to the betterment of the community.  We value the providing growth for all of our employees,  we can can only flourish if we continually improve ourselves and the work we do.

We pride ourselves and hold our employees to these values: 

  • What and how we eat matters

  • Passion for what you do matters

  • Less is more

  • The littlest details make a difference

  • Family

  • Inspiration - Be inspired to inspire others

La Merenda and Engine Company No.3 offers a challenging and team-oriented environment, and we carefully consider each prospective employee, placing personal attitude above all other factors. You must demonstrate a love of food and a desire to deliver hospitality, not just service. Work experience needs to be commensurate with the position for which you are applying and references are required.

La Merenda and Engine Company No.3 is an equal opportunity employer